Dakota Skyline Marketing offers transparent, upfront pricing.

6 Months

6 Month Commitment
  • Total: $7,800

3 Month

3 Month Commitment
  • Total: $4,800

1 Month

Displayed for 1 Month
  • Total: $2,000

Unbeatable Pricing: Get More Visibility for Less with Dakota Skyline Marketing

Dakota Skyline Marketing stands out in the region, not just for our competitive pricing, but for the unmatched visibility we offer. While some competitors may claim cheaper options, the true value of billboard advertising lies in its potential to be seen by the right audience. Our strategically positioned billboards ensure maximum exposure, reaching over 500,000 vehicles per month.

This is a crucial difference – a billboard’s value isn’t measured in cost alone, but in its ability to make your brand a familiar sight to thousands daily. Remember, a billboard that remains unseen, regardless of its price, won’t benefit your business. With Dakota Skyline Marketing, you’re investing in a high-impact, visible advertising platform that promises not just views, but real engagement with your target audience.